Corporate Training & Consulting

At Finance Analytics Group, we also undertake trainings and consulting in various critical areas of finance, banking, risk management, structured finance and wealth management.

We provide bespoke trainings for firms and organizations within and outside the financial services industry in the following:

Asset and Liability Management

Interest Rate Gap Analysis, Interest Rate Risk Management (Duration Analysis, Convexity), Yield Curve Analysis, and Value at Risk (VaR), Liquidity Risk Management and Contingency Funding Plan

Interest Rate Risk Management using Interest Rate Futures, Interest Rate Options, and Interest Rate Swaps.

Equity Markets

Global Equity Markets, Valuation models, risk management using Swaps, Index Futures, and Options.

Foreign Exchange Market

Overview of Market structures, FX risk management using Currency Futures, Currency Options, and Currency Swaps.

Fixed Income Market

Overview, Bond Pricing, Yield Measures, Risk management (Duration, Convexity), Valuation of Callable and Putable bonds, Fixed Income Trading Strategies and Risk Management.

Derivatives and Risk Management

Fundamentals of Forwards, Futures, Options and Swaps; Option Pricing, Trading Strategies, Advanced Strategies using Forwards, Futures, Options and Swaps.


Basics of Securitization and benefits to the economy, Tranching, Mortgaged-Backed Securities (MBS), Mortgage Pass Through (MPT), Collateralized Mortgage Obligations(CMO) – Types, their associated cash flows and risks, Prepayments and Prepayment Risks, Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) – Credit Card Receivables-Backed Securities, Auto Loan Receivables-Backed Securities, their risks and cash flows, Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDO) – Motivations, Variations, Pricing and Risk Management.