Finance Analytics Group is an e-learning and development company.
We offer consulting services to investment firms in the area of modeling the asset allocation process and time-tested portfolio management strategies with particular emphasis on modeling the investment principles and strategies of successful investors and investment legends.

The asset allocation process starting from assessing the investor’s willingness to take risk and the ability to take risk which culminate in the investor’s risk tolerance is all automated after a series of questions. The investor’s risk tolerance feeds into an automated asset allocation strategy that matches the investor’s risk tolerance.

In addition, we also model securities selection but with emphasis on replicating the securities selection framework and investment principles of successful investors and investment legends who have proven and mastered the art of securities selection over a long time.

We also provide mentorship and private tutoring to professionals in finance, investments and risk management. Specifically, we leverage on recent technologies in e-learning which grant unlimited participation and open access via our web content to provide a comprehensive and top-notch exam preparatory services for the most respected and globally recognized investment management designation, the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) credential, in addition to the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) and Professional Risk Manager (PRM) certifications.

We believe that as busy professionals, you do not need to sacrifice your most treasured asset, which is your time, commuting to preparatory centers, rather, utilizing our platform, you can opt to join live classes wherever you are, or access recorded classes, with options for real time video/audio interactions, chats and other privileges of a face-to-face instruction, hence, optimizing your time and learning experience.

What separates Finance Analytics Group from a host of others is that we provide a bespoke exam preparatory arrangement that does not compel candidates to purchase an entire package or level, rather, candidates can choose to focus on the areas where they require mentorship and more time to master the curriculum.

We have a team of CFA charterholders, certified FRM and PRM holders with significant industry experience who are assigned to mentor candidates throughout the exam preparation period. We also provide trainings in various areas in banking, finance and investment management such as Asset and Liability Management (ALM), portfolio strategies used in equity, foreign exchange and fixed income markets as well as securitization amongst others.

We also train risk managers on various risk management strategies and models used in credit risk management, market risk management, operational risk management and the Basel framework.

At Finance Analytics Group, we also provide executive 1-to-1 face-to-face tutoring but this option is only available to candidates resident in Hong Kong. Alternatively, you can opt for an executive 1-to-1 or group online tutoring which are available to all candidates irrespective of the country of residence.

We have a team of experienced and passionate educators with significant industry experience who employ time-tested educational strategies to ensure you master your areas of weakness and pass your professional exam.